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Stainless steel

In modern architecture and construction stainless steel is an ideal solution for facades, walls cladding and interior finishing. Perfectly matching genuine wood and stone it is widely used for offices, restaurants and malls interior finishing. Being resistant to corrosive atmospheric sedimentation and exhausts this material can be used in outdoor constructions, i.e. bearing structures, facades and shields.
In addition to its ornamental properties easiness of surface maintenance is another key benefit of stainless steel. In the locations with high exposure rate, e.g. elevators, escalators and stiles, its surface remains clean and keeps its original appearance throughout the whole life.
Stainless steel corrosion resistance is achieved through thin film of insoluble oxides formation on the surface, exposed to the corrosive medium.
Advanced metal treatment technologies also affected stainless steel. Modern customer is offered a wide mix of stainless steel products with various types of surface finishing: polishing, grinding, color anodizing, etc.
Our company manufactures products of all stainless steel grades and also helps to select the material, perfectly suiting the assigned mission.