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Each building has a facade and according to the way it looks, you can judge of the style, character and purpose of this building. That’s why it is so important at the construction stage or before starting the reconstruction to determine what the "face" of the future building will look like.

Facade panels are more and more used in modern architecture. The developers especially appreciates unique, high-quality and at the same time cost-optimal materials. The Russian company GRADAS has combined all these properties in their facade panels. The trademark was registered in 2015. Just in a short time, the company managed to gain a reputation as a reliable supplier of high-quality materials for facades. Butit was not enough to have a leading position. Having introduced original technologies into production, the company brought special cassettes on the market – embossed and with perforation, flat and volumetric. Today you can see them at many sites in Russia. GRADAS was the first company on the Russian market that introduced the concept of 3D facades.

Having a focus on the shape, embossment and pattern, GRADAS also ensures the durability and preservation of the original characteristics of its products. Depending on the author's concept, facades using GRADAS cassettes are always unique. It is because of the countless options for laying and combining these materials. Absolutely all architectural styles and trends will look according to the ideas of designers.

GRADAS places a special emphasis on the quality of cassettes and high service standards. The experts of the design bureau in collaboration with the designers of the company create projects taking into account all the features and nature of the future building.

Here you can find a ready-made solution for the facade, but if you need an individual approach, then you will have it, starting from the visual concept and up to the finished project.

Our own production of sheet metal processing with modern equipment park allows us to develop and create facade cassettes that meet the expectations and technical requirements of our customers.

We produce not only facade cassettes. The exterior design of modern real estate buildings requires high–quality accessories - ventilation grilles and baskets for air conditioners. All products that are manufactured by GRADAS are the pride of the company's employees and cause admiration among the partners.

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