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Anodized aluminium

Anodising is an electro-chemical process - the surface of the aluminium is modified to create a very hard, transparent layer.
This process may be combined with electrolytic colouring to give a range of UV proof colours.
The anodic layer or ‘film’ remains 100% aluminium, so the full recyclability of the aluminium is not compromised.
The result is an exceptionally durable, corrosion-proof pure aluminium product which retains the all the qualities and the authentic metallic sheen of natural aluminium.
As part of the process, the anodic film thickness may be modulated according to the proposed end-use. 
Amongst metals widely used in manufacturing, anodising is unique to aluminium and enhances the surface of the aluminium. The 15 key advantages of anodised aluminium are as follows:
Natural metallic sheen and aspect.
Excellent corrosion resistance.
Over 30 years of proven long term on-site performance.
No risk of adhesion failure of the anodic film.
No risk of fading. 
No risk of chalking.
No risk of filiform corrosion. 
Preservation of the original surface texture and design.
Optimal surface coverage.
Anodic film is totally impermeable.
Exceptional abrasion resistance.
On-site quality control possible without creating surface damage in testing. 
Production process can be carried out in accordance with latest environmental standards. 
Lifetime guarantee available.