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Steel Cor-ten

Cor-Ten is steel alloyed with copper, chrome and phosphorus alloying elements. This material features excellent corrosion resistance and high ultimate strength. Cor-Ten can be mistaken for bronze from a distance, though in reality it is just rust on the metal surface. It is rust, which produces unusual velvety texture - patina. Under regular conditions Cor-Ten develops patina over 2-3 years, this process can be expedited, but it creates the risk of color variability.

If Cor-Ten steel is applied in civil structures, used outdoors, allowance for corrosion is added to the rated gauge.

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These weatherproof steel grades provide significant saving of overall costs, accounted during the entire structures life cycle.
In case steel is applied for interior finishing, it shall be treated, using Rust Brown technology with further surface coating with acrylic varnish, varying public side surface finishing from mat to bright. Such treatment provides oxide film protection and prevents smearing in case of contact.