What is so unique three-dimensional facades?

They allow you to implement a design project to life, rather than adjust it under the standard approaches to construction. Relief, shape, pattern are important for the design being built no less than its wear resistance, maintaining the original color and luster. In GRADAS facades into account all the above characteristics.

Already available in our range of tapes such as "corrugation", "beak", "Scale", "Honeycomb", "circle" can give any construction - be it shopping, they say, a bank, a gas station or a concert hall - a unique look - a respectable, recognizable bright. Add to the existing volume of the facade of the color (the entire spectrum of offers) and you get a real piece of modern art of building. Our design and materials help make the lining of your building its original card. Another such will not be exact: each project carried out with the use of bulk hinged facades GRADAS unique.

The thickness of the metal front cartridges is minimal, their connection is made via clips and assembly - with the guides' sled. " Due to all this assembled structure looks light and airy, with the necessary clearances or fastener joint to joint. Geometric shapes of the facade looks natural and at the same time modern. Metal comes to life here, playing the play of the sun and the breathless night in the light of lanterns.

Master and great creators could only dream about what is available to modern builders and architects. Any, even the most ambitious idea is clothed with the help of mounted bulk facades in its unique form.

Megapolis never sleeps and is always waiting for something new. Mounted three-dimensional facades GRADAS - this is what gives the city its character, style and helps to create a modern urban planning history ...